Rhederoord Manor House Kitchen

Landgoed Rhederoord offers an infinite number of possibilities to dine with your guests. We would like to show you a selection of the various options. We will be pleased to assist you with your own ideas! When preparing your dinner, we naturally take into account vegetarian wishes and dietary requirements.

Because we only work with organic products, it is possible that a particular product or dish is not available or is not yet ‘in season’. We will provide a suitable alternative.

Dinner à la Fourchette (standing buffet)
From 20 persons, from € 47.50 p.p.
An informal and relaxed way of dining. The dishes are served in a glass, on a spoon or on small plates. Your guests can move around freely throughout the evening while having a chat with the other guests. A dinner ‘à la Fourchette’ usually takes place in an informal setting with several standing tables and a few tables and chairs. The serving will be sufficient for at least 3 small dishes for each guest per course.

Life & Cooking
From 20 persons, from € 49.50 p.p.
A 3 course dinner buffet, with the chefs cooking behind the buffet and explaining how the various dishes are prepared and where the ingredients come from such as, for example: salad of the season, salad of roasted vegetables with nuts and herb mayonnaise, roast tuna with a sesame dip, freshwater crayfish with avocado and dill, traditionally smoked salmon with sour cream and chives, wild Zeeland oysters with lemon and shallot confit, roast veal with truffle mayonnaise, rillette of duck with pickle, whole roast rib of beef, stew of lamb and vegetables, fried daily catch of fish, seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes. We finish with a large selection of Dutch and international cheeses, assorted mousses, cakes and fresh fruit. We start by serving cold dishes and gradually serve the hot dishes.

Mixed dinners
The various types of dinner are perfectly suited for various combinations. For example, you can start dinner informally and gradually finish with a more formal dinner. The following combinations are chosen most frequently. If you have other wishes, please let us know: everything is possible!

Stickenberg Menu, € 45.00

  • The entree is served à la fourchette in an informal setting
  • After the entree, you take a seat at the table, and the main course will be served
  • The dessert is also served at the table.

Petzold Menu, € 47.50

  • We start with the entree, served à la fourchette
  • After the entree, you will take a seat at the table, where the main course will be served.
  • This will be followed by a dessert buffet with something to suit all tastes.

Van Hasselt Menu, € 49.50

  • The entree is served informally, à la fourchette
  • You will then take a seat at the table, the main course will be presented in buffet style.
  • The dessert is also served in buffet style.

Barbecue du Chef
Minimum of 20 persons, € 35.00 p.p.
If you’d like to eat outside on a beautiful summer evening, why not consider a barbecue at Rhederoord. A barbecue at Rhederoord is primarily a creative and informal event. A barbecue at Rhederoord means: a daily catch of fish on the grill with herbs and lemon, various kinds of meat such as a whole grilled sirloin steak with thyme and garlic, gently cooked pork belly grilled on the barbecue and coated with syrup, lightly smoked and boiled pork blade with rosemary and sage, little spicy lamb sausages, roasted vegetables and potatoes, hot and cold sauces, salad from the vegetable garden, pasta salad and potato salad, coarse peasant bread with home made pesto and farmhouse butter. Our chefs prepare your delicious barbecue dishes while you and your guests enjoy the magnificent views.

Regional organic lunch buffet
Price: € 22.50 p.p.
Our regional organic lunch buffet consists of an assortment of whole loaves that you can cut yourself, several small rolls, farm butter, cheese board with a selection of special cheeses, sliced farmhouse cheese, assorted artisan meats, salad from vegetables and lettuce with nuts, olives, dressings and bread croutons, a matching hot dish, cakes or sweet rolls and fresh fruit. Fruit juices and dairy products are kept cold on ice.

High Tea
Minimum of 20 persons, € 25.00 p.p.
Still very popular and easy to fit into your programme if you do not want to have a lunch or brunch. A High Tea at Landgoed Rhederoord consists of a reception with a selection of freshly brewed, ecological luxury teas. Accompanied by scones, brownies and clotted cream, muffins and home baked biscuits. Homemade chocolates, assorted home baked pies and cakes, cracknels and marmalades. The savoury High Tea consists for instance of sandwiches topped with home smoked salmon, dried coppas, tapenades, organic vegetable spread and quiche with mushrooms.