General terms and conditions and household announcements from conference hotel Landgoed Rhederoord BV belonging to the standard Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) that apply to Conferentiehotel Landgoed Rhederoord BV. The most recent version of the Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry can be downloaded as a PDF via the following link: Algemene-voorwaarden-en-uvh. By signing this agreement, the client declares to have received a copy of the UVH and the additional conditions from Conferentiehotel Landgoed Rhederoord. Additional terms:

  1. The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) apply to all our deliveries and services. These terms and conditions have been filed with the District Court and the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague and can be requested immediately and free of charge upon request.
  2. Smoking is prohibited in all hotel rooms and in the other living areas.
  3. Pets are not allowed in the hotel rooms.
  4. Lighting fireworks is prohibited, with the exception of asterisks. Outside the building, these are permitted provided that a bucket of water is present. If this is violated, Rhederoord will charge a fine of EURO 1,500.
  5. Outdoor events are supervised by (one of the) employees of Rhederoord, who give instruction with regard to safety. Rhederoord accepts no responsibility for any damage.
  6. In compliance with the Noise Pollution Act, and also out of respect for nature in the area, we are forced to set a closing time at 00.30 a.m., regardless of whether the party takes place inside or outside.
  7. With amplified music, the instructions of the Maître d ‘hotel or the manager must be followed.
  8. It is explicitly not allowed to leave luckyballoons and / or lanterns. The release of ordinary balloons is permitted on condition that they are biodegradable.
  9. Room occupation and table arrangements are made in consultation with Landgoed Rhederoord.
  10. The use of rose petals, confetti, foam cannons, garlands and rice is not permitted. Please take back decorations and other materials yourself. If you do not comply with this, we will charge you EUR 350 cleaning / removal costs.
  11. For overnight stays we are obliged to process your data in a guest list, for this you must email a guest list no later than 1 day before arrival.
  12. Rhederoord is located in a nature reserve, the maximum speed on the site is 20 km. per hour.
  13. Down payment – at weddings or parties, the guest is required to make a down payment of 25% of the total booking value upon assignment. 8 weeks prior to your reservation you will receive a deposit invoice from us of 50% of the reservation value. This amount must be transferred to us 6 weeks before the start of the wedding or meeting.
  14. The prices and rates quoted are valid for one year. After this, Landgoed Rhederoord has the right to revise the prices and rates.
  15. Orally agreed agreements are incorporated in the reservation, changes in or cancellation thereof (numbers, expired items or additions) must be notified in writing and signed no later than 48 hours before the start. Changes within 48 hours before the start will no longer be deducted from the invoice.
  16. If the number of guests within 3 months before the start of the event is reduced by 10% or more of the numbers described in the quotation signed by us, we are forced to increase the final invoice in such a way that the turnover in the signed quotation including budgeted costs for food and beverage described in the signed quotation is achieved.
  17. All our reservations are subject to the Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry and the following cancellation conditions apply:More than 6 months before the reservation date No cancellation costs
    More than 3 months before the reservation date, 15% of the reservation value
    More than 2 months before the reservation date, 35% of the reservation value
    More than 1 month before the reservation date 60% of the reservation value
    More than 14 days before the reservation date, 85% of the reservation value
    Less than 14 days before the reservation date 100% of the reservation value
  18. We apply the following additional conditions to student parties:
    • The room is free 2 hours in advance for building up equipment and decoration, this must be removed the same night.
    • Any decoration must be approved by Rhederoord before it is installed in the various halls.
    • Any damage caused to the building, interior or immediate surroundings will be reimbursed in full by your association.
    • A deposit of EURO 2500 must be paid for this.
    • It is forbidden to use fireworks, stars, confetti cannons, water guns etc. If this does happen, we will charge a cleaning fee of EUR 350 on top of the specified fine for lighting fireworks mentioned in Article 4.
    • We will check hotel rooms before departure together with a contact person from the organization.
    • At the latest two weeks before the start of your party, we will receive, in addition to the EURO 2500 deposit, the full amount of the offer for which has been signed including any adjustments.
    • You need to hire professional security (assuming a party of 100-200 people, these are 2 security guards, above 200 people this is 3 security guards). We will know in advance which company you have hired, so that we can contact them if desired. Parties up to 100 people; security whether or not required in consultation with Landgoed Rhederoord. The security also ensures that there is no nuisance in the immediate vicinity of our location.
    • In case of misconduct, Landgoed Rhederoord is entitled to order a donation stop, or to stop the party temporarily or completely. This of course in accordance with the degree of misconduct.
    • We pour in plastic glasses during the party. If a dinner is served, then we will serve in glass during dinner. If it is agreed to pour into glass, we will switch to plastic in the event of misconduct (throwing and dropping frequently).
    • Landgoed Rhederoord has a 24-hour permit. An end time will be agreed upon in consultation with your association.
    • In the event of violation of the legal noise standards, the fine will be paid by your association. The legal standard is max. 85 dB (A).
    • In the event of theft of drinks or other things during or after the party, a penalty of EUR 50 per incident will be deducted from the deposit in addition to the selling costs.
    • If one of your guests vomits and this is not neatly cleared by the person or someone else from your association, we will charge EURO 150 per incident.
  19. In the months April to October a minimum turnover of Euro 9,000 will be charged for weddings on Fridays and a minimum turnover of Euro 10,000 for Saturdays.
  20. If you want to have an evening party at the Landhuis Rhederoord, you are required to purchase a minimum of 10 rooms in that house for that evening and night.
  21. If you rent the Landhuis Rhederoord exclusively, this reservation includes 17 hotel rooms including breakfast, excluding accommodation. It is explicitly stated that the reservation relates to the exclusive use of the Manor and not the Estate and other buildings.
  22. At least one week before the start of the event, the final number of people must be communicated. The specified number will be charged. This final number of people may not exceed 10% amounts compared to the specified number at the time of reservation.
  23. Conference hotel Landgoed Rhederoord BV charges an additional € 7.50 per invoice including administration costs.
  24. Landgoed Rhederoord is proud to have obtained the Golden Green Key certificate. This means it meets the strictest criteria set up by this eco-label.
  25. The prices mentioned in the quotation include VAT.
  • Historic estate
  • Located in the Veluwe woods
  • Everything in one place
  • Free parking
  • Excellent organic cuisine
  • Best price guarantee
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